Stop Smoking


Are you still hanging onto your cigarettes even though you know that they are bad for you? Are you paying the new “sin tax” FL put on these death sticks???? Easiest way to avoid this tax is to QUIT NOW!

Hurting you?

Perhaps, even KILLING you?

Is you social life suffering?

Do people complain about the stench associated with your smoking?

Do you feel like your are “defective” because you have not been able to Quit Smoking?

Many smokers say that they want to Stop Smoking, don’t you. Many have tried one or more other methods to Quit Smoking, haven’t you. Only to go back to that dirty, childish habit after a few weeks or months. Maybe you’ve tried to Stop Smoking several times.

Most smokers started when they were around 12 to 13 or 18 to 20. There is a very simple explanation for this, and your ability to successfully Quit Smoking hinges on you changing beliefs at the unconscious level about why you started smoking in the first place. This is one of the major reasons that most people fail with other methods.

To successfully Stop Smoking, we have found that you must address three separate issues:

  • The habit (far, far easier than you’ve been led to believe)
  • The meaning of the behavior to you now
  • Identity issues when you started.

Ignore any of these areas, and you may be a smoker for the rest of your life, which might be less time than you hope.

What would your life be like if you had decided very early on in life that you are a non-smoker and that you remain a non-smoker for the rest of your life? How would that differ from the rest of your life, if you came into our office and quit smoking now? Will you feel empowered after you become a non-smoker?

Please note: we do not accept everyone into our exclusive non-smoker program. You must qualify in our FREE Screening.

Download Your Stop Smoking Screening Form (click here) and bring/fax/email/snail-mail it to Success Easy to get started on your way to Quit Smoking forever!

Call Peter O’Dell at 772-497-6744 to set up an appointment for your FREE Screening to see if you qualify. If you make it into this exclusive program, your total investment is $500. In some cases, the sessions can be done over the phone.  Call for details.


Call 772-497-6744

Call 772-497-6744