About My Fees

I have been working with clients since 1982, and those years have taught me a few things about hypnosis and human nature. Often one of the first questions a prospective client asks is “How much does it cost?” Is that really the most important question to ask? Think about it for a minute. Suppose you were needing surgery? Would you price-shop for the cheapest surgeon? Probably not, I know I sure did not when I needed surgery recently. I asked all my friends “Who is the best surgeon?” Long story short, I got the best in the area and my surgeries (both hips) were done with no problems, no surprises, no infections. My PT practitioner who assisted me with my rapid recovery told me lots of horror stories about what other surgeons had done to their patients.

If you insist on finding the cheapest hypnotist, you can compare my fees (below) with others in the area—chances are they will be cheaper. I have over 32 years experience—as far as I know, no one around here comes close to that. I am a Master NLP Trainer. That means I train other hypnotists. When other hypnotists in the area have problems of their own (we are all human), most of them come to me. Is getting the lowest price really the most important consideration here?

Most people respond quickly to hypnosis and often feel a great improvement after as little as one (1) session. Sometimes, particularly if money is a bit scarce, they will conclude that they do not need any further sessions. So, they cancel the next appointment, but over the next six weeks or so, the old problem seems to come back. They then conclude that hypnosis did not work for them. Erroneous!!! They simply quit before it was finished. On the other hand, I have seen few issues that could not be permanently resolved in three (3) to five (5) sessions. My fee structure is designed to encourage you to commit to a permanent fix.

General Hypnosis

Paying session-by-session $150

Package of three (3) sessions $375 ($125/session)

Package of five (5) sessions $550 ($110/session)

Specialty sessions

Stop Smoking $450 (1 extended session, 2 follow up)

Past Life Regression $100

Akashic Records Reading $100/hour ($50 minimum, 15 min. billing)

Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and cash/checks accepted.

Cancellation of appointment requires 24 hour notice or one damned good story.

No one will be turned away simply because of ability to pay. Hardship allowances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

We reserve the right to decline to accept anyone into our services without explanation. If we do not accept you as a client, please do not be offended. It simply means that our programs may not be right for you.

Call 772-497-6744

Call 772-497-6744